Antibiotics, for cats and dog, it’s not automatic!


Just like humans, these pets need medical attention. Within the framework of the Ecoantibio plan, the campaign “antibiotics for us either is not automatic” recalls the good use of these drugs with one objective: to fight against antibiotic resistance.

Dogs and cats: daily hygienic gestures to take care of their health

They bring a lot of happiness and well-being to their masters who, in return, wish to see them live happy, long and in good shape. For this purpose, like farm animals, it is necessary to take care of their health: feed them well, have them vaccinated and deworm them regularly.

Wash the animal if it is dirty, disinfect its wounds, ensure its oral hygiene, clean the eyes ears … without forgetting to wash the hands regularly and to keep clean the places of rest of the animal. These hygiene rules are simple and effective. They prevent or limit the multiplication and transmission of bacteria responsible for infections.

What should I do if my animal becomes ill? Use antibiotics well

In case of illness, the veterinarian is the referral to whom to address. If treatment is necessary for healing, the veterinarian will prescribe one or more medications on a prescription. It is important to follow the treatment well, otherwise it will fail: compliance with the doses and the expected duration, even if the animal is better before the end of the treatment. Explanations from Jean-Fran├žois Rousselot, veterinarian in the Paris region.

Antibiotics are essential drugs because they fight the bacteria that cause infections. They save many human and animal lives but also have a “risk” side. that’s why they are only available on prescription.

Depending on his diagnosis and only if it is essential, the veterinarian prescribes antibiotics. They are then issued by the veterinarian or a pharmacist. Antibiotics are not over the counter.

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