Cymric cat – A very friendly cat


The Cymric breed cat is one of the most sociable of all cats. Not supporting loneliness, this little ball of hair is very endearing.

In this article, we invite you to discover a little more about this breed of cat.

Discover the Cymric cat breed

Characteristics of the Cymric cat breed

The Cymric breed cat is quickly recognizable. Indeed, it does not have a tail and it is its characteristic which makes it possible to quickly dissociate it from its congeners.

We can also mention his roundness which is very characteristic of the breed and his round eyes too.

The origins of the Cymric cat

Originally from the Isle of Man, the Cymric breed cat is a variation of the long-haired Manx. In fact, he was born from a cross between two Mans who have this long hair gene.

During the 70s, these cats were nicknamed the “Welsh” and it was at this time in particular that they were seen for the very first time.

It should all the same take into account that the cat of this breed is very rare, but that it is still highly appreciated by all cat lovers.

Morphology of the Cymric cat breed

As we said before, it is characterized in particular by its absence of tail certainly, but that is not all. It is medium in size and has well spread legs.

We can also see that this cat is round from everywhere, whether it is from the head, the eyes or even the whole of its body.

The Cymric has a very sleek appearance and this is notably due to its thick ribs. It has medium long hairs and several layers of hair. In terms of the colors of the breed, they are many and different, but we often find coulorpoint.

Cymric breed cat character

Attentive in nature, the Cymric is a perfect cat for families. Indeed, he knows how to be patient and gentle with children. It really has all the assets to seduce large families or not.

He constantly needs to feel loved and will always be looking for proof of affection or love from his master.

You should also know that it can play the role of a guard cat because it knows how to defend its territory in particular from the intrusion of other foreign animals.

Cymric breed food

No special feeding is necessary for the Cymric breed cat. However, it is necessary to adapt your diet to your daily expenses.

The goal is to prevent your cat from becoming obese. Indeed, they tend to grow quite quickly.

Cymric cat – Common Health Problems

Be aware that you will need to brush your pet weekly. No particular problem has been detected in cats of this breed.

He can live very well up to 20 years. It will still be necessary to have him vaccinated in the classic way like other cats for animal diseases.

Purchase price of a Cymric cat or kitten

If you wish to acquire a Cymric cat or kitten, you will need to count around 900 to 1000 €. This will depend in particular on where you buy this animal.

Also be aware that rates may vary depending on the gender of the cat you wish to purchase.

The rarity of the color of this cat can also vary the selling price. Also note that if you want to opt for a kitten registered with LOOF, it will be necessary to pay more.

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