Dog bath – Dog grooming


Of all the grooming acts, the bath is probably the one that deserves the most attention. It is the essential basis for any subsequent toilet. It applies to all breeds, including those that are not otherwise groomed. Two things are important for a good bath: the products and the method.

Dog Bath Preparations

The easiest way is to use your own bathtub, unless you have a specially designed half-height tub. Prepare everything you need in advance, washing preparations for dog hair care (dog shampoo, conditioner, wipes …), as well as wringing and drying equipment. In this context, it is advisable to use a very simple sponge of medium size, or in the form of a “square” flat about twenty centimeters on a side. This for the first spin.

The next step will be carried out with an ultra-absorbent synthetic mop, which you can easily find in the “cleaning” department of any store. Finally, provide several clean and dry towels.

Close doors and windows to prevent “escape”. A final word of recommendation: never wash a dog without first preparing it, especially if it is long-haired and tangled. Indeed, under the action of water, then drying, the knots tighten, thus forming an irreversible “string” effect.

At most, we can allow ourselves to leave some areas untangled, hoping that the detangling cosmetic used will play its role well. It must then be applied generously to the tangled areas, make it penetrate with the tips of the fingers in the knots (one by one) and let it act for several minutes, before proceeding to shampooing, then rinsing everything thoroughly.

Start the bath

Gently place the dog in the bathtub, at the bottom of which you will possibly have an old terry towel which will prevent him from slipping and therefore panicking. Hold the animal firmly while speaking calmly and calmly to the animal if it is agitated or tries to escape. Ideally, it helps to be able to tie the dog.

The best attachment is lateral, i.e. a collar fixed to a peg in the wall, or possibly attached to the base of the tap. A plastic hook mounted on a suction cup can also be used as a point of attachment, if the latter is firmly enough fixed on the enamel of the bathtub.

Bathing stages

Once the dog is almost quiet in the bottom of the tub, we drain the anal glands, after quickly wetting the dog’s buttocks in the shower. The glands emptied, we rinse again well under the tail.

It is then necessary to completely wet the dog with the truffle at the end of the tail. Be careful, a simple spray is far from it. Indeed, the covering hair which constitutes the top of the fur is almost waterproof! It is therefore necessary to slowly pass the shower (set to a good flow of lukewarm water) directly on the surface of the fur. The jar hairs, thus immersed, no longer play their role of barrier, and allow water to penetrate the undercoat, up to the skin.

So wet according to this process the head, the neck, the back and the tail of the dog, then the chest, the shoulders, the sides, the thighs, and finally the legs and the belly. When the fur is properly impregnated, apply your first shampoo, previously diluted, on the head and neck, back, buttocks and tail, then the chest, flanks and belly.

Lather. Finish with the legs, pouring a small amount of shampoo directly on each one, and rubbing them well, from the feet (and between the fingers!) To the top. Leave on if necessary. Rinse. Again, a good rinse is synonymous with success. The last rinse water should be perfectly clear.

However, if you use a second shampoo, or a cream, the rinsing between each product may be less than perfect. Just make sure you have removed most of the previous shampoo, so that the next one can penetrate to the root of the hair and the skin, and have its effect. The last rinse must be flawless.

Rinse badly is equivalent to dull hair which sometimes seems “burned” and often leads to skin irritation. Depending on the breed, the moment and the desired effect, the bath can be reduced to a single shampoo, or on the contrary to a series of shampoos with “specific effects”, plus a cream or a special brushing conditioner.

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