Domestic rat: lifespan, training, behavior, everything you need to know


Do you want to adopt a domestic rat, but have questions? Oh My Mag brings you the answers.

Origine du rat domestique

The rat belongs to the family of “muridae” which goes back to 26-38 million years. The domestic rat comes from rattus norvegicus, also called brown rat and native to China and Mongolia. Its domestication would have started in England with the arena fights, popular in the 19th cent

Domestic rat character

Very intelligent and curious, the domestic rat is an animal with which man can establish a real relationship. Gregarious animal, it is not made to live alone, this is why it is strongly advised to adopt two rats of the same sex if you do not already have one. Sedentary, the rat also appreciates little movement.

Fragile, its life expectancy is between 2 and 2 and a half years.

Domestic rat education

Before adopting a rat, consider buying a box to facilitate its safe transport rather than the cardboard box provided by the seller. Beforehand, the material intended for the animal will have been prepared. The cage will have bars spaced at least 1 cm apart, a plastic bin and will be easy to clean.

A bowl and drinkers will be required. Hemp, linen or cardboard litter will be perfect. For food, croquettes or homemade mixes are suitable. The rat also likes fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked meat, eggs and fish, as well as cheese and yogurt. Bowl and drinkers will be cleaned every day, the litter changed at least once a week.

The taming phase requires patience and will be longer or shorter depending on the character of the animal. You can start by offering him a t-shirt bearing your scent. Each day, you can give him a piece of fruit by first putting it in the bowl and gradually in your hand.

Do not hesitate to associate a sound with the treat. To prohibit something, a simple “no” is enough. To handle your rat, do not take it by the tail or the skin of the neck.

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