Everything you need to know about Rook crow


Do you know?

Male and female are strictly identical and live in very noisy colonies.

Description of the rook crow

Size: 47 cm
Weight: between 320 and 520 gr
Longevity: 20 years

Practically the same size as the black crow from which we distinguish certain details of the silhouette: the skull is pointed, the ventral feathers hang in a loose breeches on the thighs, the thinner beak is not arched at its end, and its base devoid of feathers is gray in adults, which makes it appear longer Waddling.
In flight, the tip of the tail is rounded, more square in the Carrion Crow

Gregarious whatever the season. In winter, it forms dormitories and associates with Jackdaws.

Rook crow Habitat

Cultivated countryside. the ravens crows gather in “dormitories” being able to shelter up to 200 000 individuals (in the large trees), particularly the winter with the arrival of the colonies coming from the cold countries.

Feeding of the Rook crow

Omnivorous and generalist. Especially seeds and vegetables, fruits and berries.
Also insects and their larvae, earthworms, molluscs, eggs, nestlings, small passerines and waste.

Nesting and breeding of the Rook crow

  • Location: high up in tall trees
  • Nesting period: end of March
  • Number of broods: 1
  • Number of eggs: 4-5 40 mm-green or light blue eggs stained with sepia or gray.
  • 1st flight: 29-30 days

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