Heated cat house To Protect Your Cute Cat


Just like dogs, cats may not tolerate the cold well, and when you own a cat that likes to spend time outdoors, don’t forget to think about its comfort. Although it’s not as easy as it is for an apartment animal, providing a good shelter for your cat may not be as complicated as it sounds.

In order to take the best care of him during the winter or other cold periods, an outdoor cat house will not only avoid abandoning him to the elements, but will also offer him the comfort he needs.

A warm and cozy garden shelter for cats

heated outdoor cat house the hutch company
The Hutch Company’s Heated Cat Kennel
Having an outdoor cat also means asking yourself a lot of questions. Is it safe? Has it eaten? Does it have something to shelter?

All these questions can be a source of worry, especially when you are away from home.

The Hutch Company’s heated cat kennel helps to limit these worries. It is a shelter for cats living outdoors, made in the United Kingdom from pine wood: this carefully treated wood gives it a beautiful rigidity and elegance.

The sheepskin carpet used for the interior lining keeps the cat warm and can be used as a heated shelter to spend the winter. This cat house allows you to avoid worrying about your cat’s health: it will be able to stay warm and have its own private space.

Other features of this self-heating cat house

heated outdoor cat house the hutch company
You can choose to put or not to put the feet of this cat kennel.
This wooden cat house weighs 7 kg for a length of 70 cm on a width of 51.5 cm with a height of 60 cm.

It arrives fully assembled at delivery, except for its feet measuring 20 cm. The assembly of the feet of the cat house is optional, but we can greatly imagine that it is recommended, as they allow to keep the kennel at a certain height from the ground in order to keep it dry.

This outdoor cat house can also be placed on a table or any other more secure support, so that its owner (human, not feline) can choose the most suitable solution for his garden.

This shelter is equipped with a glass window that allows the cat to observe the outside from the inside (but not the other way around, which even gives it a feeling of privacy), as well as a classic cat flap so that it can get in and out.

Moreover, this self-heating cat house comes with Matatabi, a catnip of Japanese origin from the kiwi family.

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