Heated Dog House : how to choose it well?


Accessoire indispensable pour son confort, la niche de votre chien doit être choisie avec attention.

In a garden or on a terrace, the kennel provides shelter for your animal in any season and offers him a comfortable space where he can rest and sleep when he wishes. In wood or plastic, with flat or sloping roof, with or without door … There are many models of dog kennels.

Animal advises you in the choice of your doggie’s niche.

Dog kennel: from what age?

Puppies are unable to warm up by themselves. It is therefore impossible to make them sleep in their kennel before their 6 months or even 1 year.

In addition, puppies have the (bad) habit of snacking on anything that falls under their teeth. To avoid any disappointment with its new niche, it is better to wait until your puppy is a little more mature.

There is nothing to prevent you from getting your puppy used to his future kennel. When the weather permits, do not hesitate to place his doghouse near your terrace or garden furniture and spend some time outdoors with him. You will be able to work with respect for spaces, orders of the type “in your dogshed / in your place” by indicating its kennel.

Small or large dog: how to choose the size of its kennel?

Your dog’s kennel must be adapted to the size of your animal:

  • neither too small: your pet must be able to turn around and lie down full length without hindrance;
  • or too big: it’s the heat given off by your dog that heats its kennel. If the kennel is too large, there is a loss of heat and the animal cannot warm up properly.

When purchasing your kennel, always keep in mind the adult size of your dog, to determine the ideal dimensions (door, width and height). Do not hesitate to measure it, bring it with you to try out the kennels or take its basket with you.

The different types of dog kennels

Wooden niche

Most :

They are very aesthetic and blend very well in a garden;
They offer excellent weather resistance. It is the best choice in terms of insulation for your dog.

The lessers :

They are generally a little more expensive than plastic niches. But this is explained by the choice of a more noble and more durable material;
They are heavier and more difficult to move.

Our selection of wooden kennels

Among our favorites, we find the kennel with bowl support. Made of pine, raised by 4 feet and with its double wooden roof and overhanging slope, this kennel will offer all comfort to your small dog. The kennel measures 75 x 85.5 x 81 cm. It is perfect for dogs of the Beagle or Cocker type, for example.

The Kerbl Overview about dog kennel is also a great choice. Real little house on feet, this kennel will allow your dog to see what is happening outside thanks to its large plexiglass picture window. We will also appreciate its door with transparent slats, located on the far right of the niche, to protect from wind and bad weather. The kennel also includes 2 small sliding windows for optimal air circulation. Finally, the roof is tarred and completely waterproof and can be opened thanks to a folding system, for easier cleaning.

The kennels with Natura flat roof are available in 3 sizes to suit almost all dogs (L, M and XL). These Natura kennels are also made of pine to ensure longevity and comfort for your four-legged friend. We like its flat overhanging roof for better water drainage. Big plus: its roof opens! Enough to clean the interior of the kennel in two steps three movements.

Plastic kennel for dogs

Most :

    They are lighter and therefore easier to move. You can move your dog’s kennel at leisure depending on the season or the weather;
    They are easier to clean than wood;
    They are generally a little cheaper than wooden niches.

The lessers :

    They generally insulate less well than wood. Temperatures can therefore rise or fall more easily in a plastic niche;
    They very rarely have feet. They are therefore to be placed on the floor which does not improve their insulation.

Our selection of plastic niches

At Animal Valley, we are committed to selecting plastic niches that will bring optimal comfort to your dog. We also check their insulation and composition to ensure the well-being of your animal.

Kenny plastic niches by Ferplast have that little modern look that we like. Igloo-shaped, they provide good insulation at high and low temperatures. Available in 5 sizes, Kenny kennels will suit small dogs as well as very large dogs.

Made of sturdy plastic, they are impact resistant and have a very efficient ventilation system. Their little extras: they are equipped with special small feet for better insulation of the ground as well as the “drain system” for a niche always dry. The niche consists of two separable parts for ultra-fast cleaning.

Casa Felice Zolux kennels are also a good choice for your dog. They are made of non-porous and non-toxic plastic, and are UV resistant. They perfectly insulate from cold and heat. Zolux brand Casa Felice niches are available in 2 colors: gray / taupe or green / taupe, as well as in 2 sizes: medium or large.

Kennel with terrace

The kennels with terrace will bring additional comfort to your dog. With or without a roof, these small terraces offer additional space for the dog to relax and sleep, or even shelter (if there is a roof).

Our selection of kennels with terrace

The Natura kennel with covered terrace is one of our top 3. The kennel includes an integrated food bowl, a door made of plastic slats at the entrance and … an opening roof! If not for its weight, this natural wooden kennel combines almost all the advantages of wooden and plastic kennels.

In the second place, we find the Villa kennel with terrace. Made of pine, it exists in two sizes L or XL, for dogs of medium to large sizes. Its covered terrace will allow your doggie to rest there in good weather like rain.

Kennel Villa with terrace

Finally, on the last step of the podium, we find the kennel with terrace and flat roof. We like its entrance equipped with plastic straps for optimal protection against the weather, as well as its slightly sloping flat roof covered with shingle. Your dog will be perfectly protected from humidity and cold. Its large outdoor terrace will allow it to rest in good weather.

Out of classification, we wanted to present the Iroquois dog kennel with balcony! The niche does include a terrace, but directly on the roof, accessible via a small staircase. Enough to give height to your little dog thanks to this very stylish rooftop!

What accessories should you provide for your dog’s kennel?

A door to protect it from the cold

Installing a door on your dog’s kennel is essential if you plan to leave it outside in cold, windy or rainy weather.

Plastic framed doors will prevent wind and / or rain from rushing into the niche for better insulation.

These swing doors will allow your pet to get in and out very easily, while protecting him from the vagaries of the weather.

Very easy to install, these niche doors are fixed with only 3 screws.

A bed for his comfort

To ensure optimal comfort, you can install a dog mattress, a basket or even a ground cover in its kennel.

In summer and winter, these accessories will offer better insulation from heat and cold. In summer, you can humidify them to cool your pet.

Where to install the dog kennel?

Dogs are sociable animals who enjoy company. If you can, install your dog’s kennel near your house. Ideally, in a place where he can see you (not far from the terrace for example), but relatively quiet so that he can rest there.

Your niche must be installed:

   – in a shaded area to protect it from the sun and heat;
   – protected from drafts to prevent it from getting too cold in winter.

Make sure your garden is well fenced to avoid any risk of running away.

If your niche is placed on the ground, we advise you to raise it, especially in winter, for better insulation of the ground, and therefore of the cold.

Finally, be aware that in winter, if the temperatures are too low, it is better to bring your dog home to avoid any risk to his health. You can for example move its niche in your garage (if the temperature is milder) or let it come into your house.

Maintain your dog kennel

For the health of your dog, it is vital to regularly clean its kennel:

  •     use a non-toxic cleaning product to clean the inside and outside of the doghouse;
  •      then rinse with water where you have diluted pest control products;
  •      if your niche is made of wood, consider applying a coat of linseed oil to keep it waterproof.

If you have put a mattress or blanket in the doghouse, be sure to wash them weekly. If your dog tends to get dirty, do not hesitate to wash him from time to time with a shampoo adapted to his hair.

Finally, remember to check your pet’s hair to avoid fleas, ticks or any other unwanted parasite. Also remember to deworm it every month.

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