How long do ferrets live


Furet Origins

Be careful, the ferret is not a rodent but a mustelid!

The ferret may not be able to compete with the cat, tamed for 6,000 years, or with the dog, which arrived in our caves 12,000 years ago, but more than three millennia spent in our company are not negligible quantity. According to several historical documents, it seems that the first ferrets were domesticated in ancient Egypt around 1300 BC. Their function was to eliminate horrible rodents like rats and mice, even though they were later replaced by cats, which were more tolerant of heat.

How long do ferrets live

Some individuals sometimes reaching the age of 12. Ferrets mostly live between 8 and 10 years old.

American ferrets have a shorter lifespan (5 to 8 years on average), probably due to the strong inbreeding which favors the appearance of various diseases, notably tumors, much rarer in European ferrets.

Where does a ferret live?

It can be bred with other ferrets, a cat or a dog. Ferrets do not exist in Europe in the wild. They are found in New Zealand, but they are domestic ferrets crossed with wild ferrets.

What food for a ferret?

The ferret is a strict carnivore, that is to say that he should only eat meat, his digestive system is not made to eat anything else. Ferrets do not digest fibers (fruits, vegetables) or cereals (wheat, corn, rice, barley, etc.) which are nevertheless very present in the composition of kibbles.

The ideal age

It is mainly a question of personal choice because each age has advantages and disadvantages. In general, young ferrets develop affection more quickly but must be trained. An adult animal may need a little more time to get used to its new life with you but, with a little patience and the right attentions, it will eventually become attached to its “master” exactly as a puppy. In addition, at the time of purchase, it is easier to understand the character of an already large ferret. Finally, an “old” animal (5-6 years old) obviously has less time to spend with you, it tends to sleep more and may have some minor health problems. However, he is calmer and lets himself be cuddled more readily.

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