Maine Coon Rescue – Real Story


Welcome to this kitty!

I would like to thank each of you already, I will explain the situation as clearly as possible.

So I made friends with Mrs. Brechbhuler, also a former Maine Coon breeder.

Being in the process of divorce, her ex-husband having slammed the door and left their daughter, carried away the cats, without money to provide for their needs, Mrs. had to be hospitalized frequently due to an orphan disease (bone also causing leukemia.)

On this we made the decision to descend into the lot far from Latronquiere to look for cats, accompanied by gendarmes, which was very complicated.

There are 3 females, and two males.

We came back late, so impossible to see the ’vete the same day.

 It was imperative to make a state of health of the five cats.

The next day we were able to go to the vet.


– Chips +++

-Dermatosis and lesions ++

on a cat

– 1 pregnant female of a month and a half (approximately.)

We get away with 168 euros of veterinary control + a cortisone bite + flea and deworming and anti-biotic

We must take into account the litter (wood pellets)

Cheap to buy

And the quality kibble (and including a pregnant female) who has moved to kitten kibble) and water.

So even two euros, maybe already a lot for us.

Thank you for reading me.

Of course, I remain reachable, if ever the invoices can be sent to you without problem.

Everyone participates in the amount they want.
All payments are secure.

Thanks everyone!

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