Springer spaniel puppies


It is the “Big Cousin” of the cocker spaniel (measures approximately 48/50 cm at the withers like the Brittany spaniel). This small size in the average hunting dog allows him to have the power to hunt in swampy grounds with endurance and to sneak into bushes without problem. Moreover, it allows him to be taken along everywhere because it holds little place in the car or during any other displacement.

A pretty hunting dog head with a soft, lively, cheerful, attentive expression, ears and legs fringed without excess, a pretty coat with soft hair in white and brown, white and black sometimes decorated with “fire” spots that are easy to maintain, a solid body, well planted, the english springer keeps the appearance of a “real” dog neither too rustic nor too sophisticated. He measures about 48/50 cm at the withers and weighs about 18/20 kg, adult.

He hunts for his master. That it rages in slightly covered grounds or more generally in hard grounds, thickets, bushes, often not to say always out of sight of the hunter with whom it remains in contact and within range of rifle.

Its intervention is formidable to expel the game that hides or dodge. It is perfectly effective to console you with a shot of rifle more or less happy. It adapts perfectly to all situations with a skill above average and applies with great efficiency to the hunting mode of his master.
It is easy to set up if you take the pleasure to take it out young in places where it will make happy encounters with natural game or “circumstance”.

Brushwood by nature, he will quickly understand where his preferred field is. He will learn his trade at a very young age. His natural relationship will have to be encouraged to become unshakeable. When placed in tall grass, you will soon see him cross paths naturally. Teach him from a young age what you expect from him.

Obedience is the key to his success in training, it will prevent him from wandering away and going out of reach. Never allow his passion for game to dominate his obedience.

Flexible and of happy character, he will invest himself with happiness in the life of “his” family and will be the accomplice of the children.

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