The White Parrot is called White Cockatoo


It nests in tree cavities. The White-crested Cockatoo is mainly native to Indonesia and more specifically to the Moluccas archipelago where it lives on the edge of forests at the top of trees and around farmland. The White-crested Cockatoo is a large parrot, very close to the Moluccan Cockatoo in appearance but much smaller in size, except that its plumage and its large crest are entirely white except 290px-Cockatoo.1 .arp.500pix the interior of the hoopoe, the underside of the tail and the interior of the wings which are yellow.

This bird measures between 45 to 50 cm and weighs on average 900 g.

Its legs and beak are grayish, contrasting with its entirely white plumage and hoopoe.

The female is smaller than the male and has red eyes unlike the male who has them brown.

Both sexes have a large white erectile crest.

White cockatoos are relatively quieter than their smaller counterparts (like Goffin’s Cockatoo), but that doesn’t make them a good companion.

Cockatoos need clearly designated play areas; a stocked play area will be a minimum to prevent it from depressing and pecking.

If the parrot does not have its own facilities to play, it is the furniture that will pass there.

To do well, the parrot should have several installations in the house, because it will want to follow its human darling everywhere.

The cockatoo is a very destructive parrot so it will be necessary to change its toys as often as possible because no material will resist it for very long.

However, getting them to look for food is a good way to keep them occupied. This Cockatoo needs a varied diet because it is easy for him to become obese, which would harm his health. The cockatoo should not feed only on seeds because these would only engulf its liver, which would cause an abnormal growth of the beak of the bird. The cockatoo does not eat much. He has his preferences and chooses the seeds, vegetables and fruits carefully, leaving the other seeds in the bottom of the bucket.

An aviary 4 m long, 1.50 m wide and 2 m high should meet its needs.

Nesting boxes of the “barrel” type reinforced with iron and about 70 cm high will be necessary for their reproduction.

Cockatoos require a good education involving learning self-help, but that will not detract from the fact that the cockatoo requires human attention for several hours a day.

It is imperative to be aware that a poorly educated cockatoo (especially a male) can become a dangerous animal, by its size, by its strength, and by its combative attitude.

Despite everything, this cockatoo is certainly the most affectionate of all parrots.

Their ability to speak is not very great, but they can still say a few words or even a few sentences.

The White-crested Cockatoo likes to bathe in summer like all the other birds.

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