What you need to know about pug colors


Pug hair

Many hair variants have been “created” over time. Some pugs have beautiful, longer-than-average hairs, sometimes slightly curly. But the standard is that the pug’s coat is fine, smooth, soft, short and shiny. It should neither be hard nor woolly.

Pug Colors

There are more and more color variants for the pug’s dress but there are very few recognized for the standard and many are still rare.
The only recognized colors are: Silver, apricot, fawn or black.

Each color is clearly defined in order to emphasize the clear contrast between the coat color, the “trace” (black stripe extending from the occiput to the tail) and the mask. The brands are clearly defined. The muzzle or mask, the ears, the moles on the cheeks, the mark of the thumb or diamond on the forehead and the line of the back (trace) are as black as possible.

There are farms that offer brindle pugs, tan, chocolate, blackbird, but none of these colors, although original, are not recognized.

These colors are sometimes the cause of bad crosses. We must therefore be vigilant before adopting a pug whose colors are fanciful.

Some people very attached to the breed standard call these variants aberrations, that said, I do not think that a pug who wears a merle blue dress is more an aberration than to have completely disappeared its muzzle. If the crossbreeds to arrive at such a coat color are respectful of the animal and its health, then why not? However, be aware that such a dog will not be accepted in any competition taking into account the standard of the breed.

Black pugs are the best

The black pug is rarer than other colors because must be completely black (a small white patch on the chest is allowed).
Its ideal weight is 6.3 kg to 8.1 kg depending on the standard.

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