Which cat food to choose?


Natural balance cat food

Dry food in the form of croquettes or wet food in boxes and sachets? Or both? The wide choice of cat food challenges all neophyte masters when it comes to choosing the one that will be most suitable for their fur ball. What type of cat food is suitable for your companion, and in what proportions to give it? Not to mention that there is also the BARF diet and the possibility of cooking cat meals by yourself! Between the different ways of feeding the cat and the different types of cat food, it’s hard to find the right food at first glance!

In this article we present you the different alternatives in terms of feline food. You will be able to offer him food to the taste of your protégé and perfectly suited to his needs!

Croquettes pour chat

The cat food follows a dehydration process in order to offer long shelf life. The kibbles can therefore be considered as practical and interesting cat food in terms of price. In addition, by feeding your cat with croquettes, their bowl remains clean! Here are some good arguments to convince most cat masters to go for cat food in the form of croquettes.

Only negative point: unlike the original cat food, the croquettes contain a very low humidity level. The croquettes do not dehydrate the body of cats enormously, but contrary to wet food, they strongly concentrate the urines of the cat, thus making raise their pH.

Urinary stones and kidney stones can result. If your cat’s meals consist exclusively of croquettes, it is wise to make him drink more water. A water fountain and water bowls arranged in several rooms can encourage him to do so.

Canned cat food

Wet cat food is sold in boxes, trays but also small individual sachets. Like kibbles, cat food with a wet texture has long shelf lives, but once opened it should be eaten quickly. On the other hand, the humidity of boxes, trays and sachets is much higher than that present in cat food.

“Homemade” cat meal

Owners whose cats are sensitive or allergic often have the recourse to cook the meals for their cat themselves. By developing recipes for cats, you have the advantage of knowing exactly what your feline is consuming. Once your food is ready, vitamins and minerals should be added to your cat’s meal, knowing that cooking food destroys certain nutrients. As with raw food, adding vitamins and minerals is essential, as long as the rate of homemade cat food represents more than 20% of its weekly food.

BARF diet: raw cat food

The famous “B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is gaining more and more followers. It consists of feeding his mustache companion exclusively with meat and offal from certain selected animal species. All mixed with natural food supplements, such as bone meal and eggshells, to meet the vitamin and mineral requirement of cats. If you exclusively feed your cat pure muscle meat, you may quickly notice signs of deficiency. Masters who advocate the raw diet for their cat should therefore be well informed about the needs of their animal before launching!

Ready-made foods that meet the criteria of the B.A.R.F. are very practical. Thus, the masters no longer have to research the meat to choose, nor cut it or supplement it. The manufacturer of your food B.A.R.F. takes care of it, and it is then delivered to you frozen, often to your door.

Cat food: summary

Whichever cat diet you choose and what cat food your companion eats, it is important that their food meets their needs. Being carnivores by nature, cats need to consume quality protein in quantity, and a small part of carbohydrates and ingredients of vegetable origin.

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